How to use the curriculum in the workplace

This guide explains how to use the curriculum and to make the most of the opportunities available in foundation training. Although it is the trainee who takes ultimate responsibility for their own learning, the interaction between trainees and trainers is at the heart of foundation training.

The foundation programme lasts 2 years and every trainee will experience up to six placements lasting a minimum of four months. Each placement should allow the trainee to develop the required professional behaviours in a range of different clinical contexts.

Successful completion of foundation training requires the foundation doctor to demonstrate that their performance has met or exceeded the minimum expected level of performance in each of the 20 foundation professional capabilities (foundation programme training outcomes). Trainees and trainers need to understand the different forms of evidence that they will record in the e-portfolio. Foundation doctors and their trainers need to be familiar with the organisation of the syllabus and how this links to the global assessment processes during and at the end of each year of training.

This document is divided into the following sections:

Further information can be found in the UK foundation programme reference guide.